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US University Application Timeline for UK Students

Applying to US universities may initially appear somewhat daunting and perplexing to UK-based students: there are significant differences between the admission process timeline for applications to US universities versus that of British universities. We’ve compiled a condensed timeline of each stage of the process, helping you prepare and keep on track of your university applications. […]

An overview of applying to US universities – admissions procedure and standardised tests

Unlike with the UCAS portal used for applications to universities in the UK, applying to US universities and colleges requires applying to each institution separately. This allows students the opportunity to refine their application for each institution. Rather than applying to a specific degree, you apply to the institution itself for admission as an undergraduate. […]

Types of US degrees and institutions to study at

With the summer kicking off for UK-based students, now is the perfect time to start writing up and refining a list of US institutions you plan to apply to. For further guidance on this, be sure to read our blog entry on selecting and shortlisting US universities. Here’s a quick explanation of the different types […]

US Universities: Terminology – An A-Z Guide

Whilst those based in the US may be familiar with the various steps involved in American university application procedures, for those applying from abroad, it may initially appear perplexing. This blog entry is designed to help you decipher all the vocabulary and processes associated with US university applications. Here’s an A-Z guide to get you […]

Dr Jon Tabbert speaks at the Independent Schools Show 2017

Last month, Dr Jon Tabbert spoke at the Independent Schools Show 2017, delivering his popular talk on applying to universities in the United States. The Independent Schools Show is the biggest ‘Open Day’ event for independent schools in the UK and takes place in London annually. Dr Jon Tabbert gave an overview of the American […]