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So You Want To Study In America?

A Guide To Undergraduate Admissions

Written by Dr Jon Tabbert

For many students today, a place at a top US university is the ultimate academic aspiration. Institutions such as Harvard, Yale and Stanford, repeatedly sit high on the list of the world’s best universities, as well as offering a world-class liberal arts education, and providing a foundation for an international career.

In this book, Dr Jon Tabbert draws on decades of expertise in US university admissions to help you maximise your chance of success at one of these prestigious institutions.

Our guide covers the entire journey of US college applications: from learning about the basics of the American system and choosing the college that bests fits your needs, to sitting the SATs, writing admissions essays and coordinating the various elements of each application.

Applying for top US universities is challenging, but success is possible with careful, well-informed planning. Throughout your application journey, we also provide guidance on the question of funding; how your parents and your school can help you succeed; and how to prepare for living in the US.

  • How to navigate the US system
  • An application timeline
  • Financial guidance
  • How to make a great application

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