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US University Application Timeline for UK Students

Applying to US universities may initially appear somewhat daunting and perplexing to UK-based students: there are significant differences between the admission process timeline for applications to US universities versus that of British universities. We’ve compiled a condensed timeline of each stage of the process, helping you prepare and keep on track of your university applications. […]

Types of US degrees and institutions to study at

With the summer kicking off for UK-based students, now is the perfect time to start writing up and refining a list of US institutions you plan to apply to. For further guidance on this, be sure to read our blog entry on selecting and shortlisting US universities. Here’s a quick explanation of the different types […]

Guide To The SAT and the ACT: US Entrance Tests

Having a hard time choosing between the testing thrills of the ACT or the SAT? Most likely, you will choose to take one or both of these tests to support your application(s) to US universities. It is possible to take the tests multiple times, in order to improve your score, and universities will use your best results in making their admissions decision.

How To Choose A US University: The Art Of Shortlisting

There are over 4500 universities and colleges in the US. Where should you even start looking? What is the difference between a Buckeye and a Hurricane*? Should you go to a university or a college? How can you ever choose which is the best fit for you?

The Question Of Funding A US University Degree

There is no question: in some countries, a university education may have a significant price tag. On first look, this tag can make you feel a bit faint. How will you ever be able to get a good education and a job you enjoy without having a lifetime of lingering debt looming?